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At Sunrise Construction WA NW LLC, we understand the challenges of living with cramped spaces and inefficient home layouts. As one of the most trusted home renovation contractors in Martha Lake, WA, we excel in transforming restricted living areas into spacious, functional homes. Whether you’re dealing with a kitchen that feels too small for family gatherings or a living room that doesn’t quite flow right, we have you covered. Our professional approach ensures that every square inch of your home is optimized for comfort and usability. We prioritize clear communication and thorough planning so you feel supported throughout the entire renovation process. With us, your dream of a well-organized home is within reach, executed with the utmost professionalism and care.

Enhance Your Home with Stylish Additions

Sunrise Construction WA NW LLC understands the importance of additional living spaces in your home. Whether you need a guest house addition to accommodate visitors or a living room expansion for family gatherings, our services are designed to address these needs efficiently. Our custom home builders near Martha Lake, WA, are experienced in creating seamless additions that blend with your existing home structure. We ensure that new spaces are both practical and aesthetically pleasing, providing extra room for comfort and entertainment. With our expertise, you can transform your home into a more spacious and welcoming environment tailored to your family’s lifestyle and needs.

Upgrade Your Home with Modern Renovations

Are bathroom issues or an unfinished basement detracting from your home’s usability? Sunrise Construction WA NW LLC is here to solve these problems with our expert renovation services. Our team specializes in addressing wear and tear, structural issues, and safety concerns in bathrooms, ensuring they are functional and aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, we transform neglected basements into valuable living spaces, turning them from cluttered storage areas into functional rooms that meet your family’s needs. As one of Martha Lake Creek best home contractors, we follow a detailed and efficient process to ensure each project is completed to your satisfaction. Our renovations are designed to improve the usability and value of your home, making everyday life more comfortable and enjoyable. Choose us for your remodeling projects and experience a smooth, hassle-free renovation process from start to finish.

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Advanced Tools and Techniques

We use the latest technology and methods in home renovation to ensure high-quality results that are both durable and beautifully crafted.

Transparent Pricing

Unexpected costs can be a major worry during home renovations. We provide clear estimates. This transparency helps you budget accurately and invest in your home without stress.

Timely Project Completion

Delays in renovations can disrupt your daily life significantly. We prioritize efficiency and strict adherence to deadlines, ensuring your renovation project finishes on time.


Kitchen updates are generally the most cost-effective renovations, offering substantial returns on investment by modernizing the heart of the home with functional and aesthetic upgrades.

The duration of home renovations can vary widely based on the scope. Simple projects might take a few weeks, while extensive remodels could last several months. We provide a detailed timeline upfront.

Whether you need to vacate depends on the extent of the renovations. Minor remodels might allow you to stay, but for major projects, especially those involving plumbing and electrical work, relocating temporarily might be necessary.

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